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Are you working with the Right landscape designer?

“Landscape” companies are a dime a dozen, and they range in area of expertise from property maintenance to large scale landscape construction companies. I would venture to claim that if asked, most if not all companies would claim to offer landscape design in their long list of services. So how is a consumer to navigate this industry and find the Right landscape designer for their project?

I have summarized a few of the key aspects to consider while interviewing landscape professionals or evaluating a designer you are currently working with.

· Design Process – Designing is a collaborative effort in which the designer combines the clients ideas and their own expertise to produce a plan unique to the property and desires of the client. A comprehensive design process which includes conceptual planning, material selections, budgeting, plan finalization and permitting is essential to building a successful project. An understanding of a client’s desires and the overall feel that they want for a space should be reflected throughout the design process.

· Design Fees – As outlined in the previous point, a thorough design process takes time. Education, experience and time all contribute to the value of a design. Reputable companies have various fee structures, so consider the size and scope of your project while evaluating a design contract. The old adage is often true “you get what you pay for”. I have had numerous clients hire me to redesign and build their project after wasting time and money with other design companies.

· Portfolio – A website, social media, or other company specific webpage (i.e.… houzz, instagram, pinterest) help the consumer locate and evaluate what a company is capable of producing. A company’s portfolio should showcase their best and most recent work. Look for diverse material use, different design styles, unique details, and attractive plantings.

Choosing the Right landscape designer is a very personal decision. While the aforementioned points are essential for screening design professionals, trust is the true foundation of the client/designer relationship. Collaboration is essential to an effective design, therefore a successful designer is a good listener, guides clients through a complete design process, knows the value of their expertise, and consistently produces quality projects with an array of styles.

We are excited and ready to meet you. Contact Bruno Design Associates to schedule a free consultation to discuss your outdoor project and discover what sets us apart from the rest. 908-809-5341 or

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