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Boxwood Blight

Updated: May 15, 2020

Boxwood is one of the most widely planted shrubs in the New Jersey residential landscape. It has been the go-to shrub for foundation, hedging and formal garden plantings because of its evergeen and shearing qualities along with its resistance to being eaten by deer. Unfortunately, due to a few consecutive wet summer seasons, many of the Boxwood plants in New Jersey are now susceptible to Boxwood Blight. Boxwood Blight is a pathogen that thrives in wet conditions and is easily spread from plant to plant. Sadly this has also allowed it to spread from property to property, in some cases infecting complete landscapes. Whether your Boxwoods look like these pictures or not, it is recommended you have your plants evaluated by a professional and discuss management/preventative practices to refresh and optimize the beauty and enjoyment of your landscape. Schedule a free consultation and receive recommendations from our plant experts. Call 908-809-5341 or

Read the following article published by Perdue University for more information.

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