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Family Friendly Backyards

Now more than ever, enjoying your backyard with family and friends is pleasurable. Enjoying it SAFELY is comforting. Your outdoor living space(s) should reflect your interests and lifestyle and although it is a large investment, the return is priceless memories. When you upgrade your backyard with state of the art features like a pool, built in trampoline, fire features, walls and patios, outdoor audio/visual systems, bars, and grills big enough to roast a pig, how do you keep your kids and guests safe?

Two main factors come to mind: strategic and intelligent design, followed by construction practices that meet and exceed industry standards. Bruno Design Associates will take your wish list, and provide a layout that is thoughtful, functional, comfortable, and appealing. Nothing should look forced, but naturally integrate with the feel of the property and convey a sense of timelessness.

Your backyard should be a haven for relaxation and enjoyment, not a source of anxiety. We consider the basics of human psychology in how people interact with the built environment, how we use our senses, and how we experience the landscape. Though there is no guarantee in ensuring ones complete safety, there are many options to consider when we are planning your backyard. Some are automatic pool covers, pool alarms, anti-slip surfaces, fire grates, traditional and green fencing, and so on.

Be sure to involve Bruno Design Associates on your next outdoor project, so you too can have all the premium features, while keeping your family and friends safe.

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