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Gourmet Outdoor Kitchens

Updated: May 15, 2020

As outdoor living spaces become the epicenter of entertaining, the outdoor kitchen has become a necessary convenience. Just as the kitchen is often the gathering place inside our homes the same is also true of its outside counterpart, therefore, designing each detail becomes imperative to the function and beauty of the space. Our design process enables us to explore options for incorporating the kitchen and all of its components into the living space, which allows for maximum interaction between the host and their guests. Considering the needs of our clients we are able to advise them on a selection of options available to create a systematic culinary experience.

As professionals continue to push the limits of design, companies have responded in kind to offer a complete line of products which cater to the high-end outdoor kitchens and living spaces. These products range from Gas Grills, BBQ smokers, refrigerators, warming drawers, ice makers, and brick pizza ovens to flat screen televisions with surround sound, ceiling fans, chandeliers and much more.

Properly chosen materials and accessories add to the warmth and overall comfort of the living space. Pergolas, furniture, lighting, plantings and water features are the elements that pull everything together to create a custom experience for the homeowner and their guests.

Visit our Pinterest page to view more ideas on how we can help you create unique spaces in your yard.

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