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Spring Plantings

Why does the landscape industry say it’s better to plant in spring and fall? What about summer? The truth is plants need less water in spring and fall, and will be less susceptible to stress. Hot summer temperatures place a higher demand on plants, which requires your landscape contractor to exercise more care and caution during installation.

Farmers that grow nursery stock have very small windows of time to dig plants. Plants expend much energy when they are flowering and leafing out, and can become stressed or even die if disturbed during that time.

Once they are successfully dug from the field or potted in a greenhouse, they become available for our use.

Your landscape designer and contractor should have exceptional plant knowledge and experience dealing with deer, growth habits of plants, companion planting, and a creative eye for scale, color, and texture. If not, your investment risks failure and will have to be enhanced or redone in a few years.

Bruno Design Associates encourages you to take advantage of the cool spring weather. Install that privacy screen you always wanted, add layers to your landscape, or renovate old and tired landscapes that were not planned properly. Your plants will thank you!

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