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The Beauty of Shade Gardens

Is your yard shaded? Not sure what to do? Properties with mature trees offer beautiful park-like settings but may leave homeowners frustrated with limited options for bold, beautiful plantings. I would like to set your mind at ease and offer some insight on how to capitalize on the unique opportunities of a Shade Garden.

Proper soil is the foundation of success in any planting, but is essential for a shade garden. With the lack of direct sun light, the soil will naturally remain moist longer than in a full sun situation. Therefore a loose, well drained soil is ideal for the optimal performance of shade loving plants.

Plant selection will be determined by the size of the planting beds, density of the shade and deer considerations. If you are open to a variety of color and texture options, a planting design boasting of lush gardens with bold accents and multi season interest will add timeless beauty to your yard. Added thought to placement of unique plants near sitting areas or focal points will also heighten the WOW factor.

Final touches will add a personal connection and set your garden apart. What elements would add to your enjoyment of your garden space? Suggestions: Garden bench, statuary, Urns or pots for dramatic seasonal displays, water feature, or even a giant chess board or bocce ball court.

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